Where to find us

Known for its warm and beautiful shallow waters and an abundance of sun and good kitesurfing wind, Miami has ideal learning conditions, is known as one of the best spots in the US for learning Kiteboarding..

You may find us teaching our lessons on the beach by 27th Street in South Beach or we can also take you on a boat to Key Biscayne area, the best place for kiteboarding on flat waters.

Beginner Lessons

All rental gear and boat transportation to the kitesurfing location is included in instruction packages, in addition to the instruction with PRO Coach.

15 HR Package: The 15-Hour course is the best option to learn quickly and is a great option for travelers on vacation in Miami who are looking to leave with serious kiteboarding skills.  It usually takes place in 3-4 sessions.

Call us now! Ask us about our packages and promotions and make your reservation

786 222 5479 - ejgsu@yahoo.com

Group Lessons

Save money and learn faster! One Kite per student sharing one instructor.

Take 3, 5, 8 or 15 hour group course to learn kite control, launching, water start and self rescue.

Intermidiate Instruction

Semi private intermidiate instruction for riders who can safely ride upwind, in 8 hours.

After this course you will be independent and confident to take your kiteboarding skills to the next level.

Tricks and Lifts Training

Improve with our Pro Instructors, from riding to free style moves let us know what you need to improve and we will take you far from your goals

$ 99 USD

Our Gift Cards are good for all our services and products

Call us now! Ask us about our packages and promotions and make your reservation

786 222 5479- ejgsu@yahoo.com

1040 6St Suite 4, Miami Beach FL 33139

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